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The Pepper Pot: Mini White Yeast Loaves

Posted on June 30, 2014


The Pepper Pot is very much a reflection of their lives and philosophies which made their bread a natural choice for our FEAST in Howth Castle last summer.


1.5k strong white flour
30g salt
30g butter
50g yeast
875g water


Preheat the oven to 210ºC. Line three 1lb loaf tins with silicone paper. Sieve flour and salt together and then rub in the butter with your fingertips. Make a well with your hand, forming a large space in the centre with a wall of flour surrounding it. Crumble your yeast into the well and add the water. Dissolve the yeast by swirling your hands in a circular motion.


Begin to incorporate the flour, a little at a time. Knead, stretching the dough as you knead. Knead until you develop a smooth dough. Set aside and cover with a large bowl and allow to ferment for 45 minutes during which time it will expand. After 45 minutes knock the dough back, this releases the gas the yeast have produced. Quickly mould back into a round shape and set aside for a further 5 minutes.


After 5 minutes divide the dough in three and use a weighing scales to measure out each third into 800g. (Or divide again if making mini loaves). Shape into three round balls of dough. Cover again. After 5 minutes flatten with your knuckles, fold in from the sides, left to right, into the middle and roll from the top towards yourslef into a Swiss roll type shape. Place in lined tins. Dust with flour and place on top of your oven, which usually has residual heat form the warming oven, alternatively use your hot
press. Leave for 30 minutes to rise.


After 30 minutes, cut the bread with a knife giving it three traditional vertical slits and place in the oven. After a further 30 minutes remove from the tins and allow to crisp up in the oven for 5 more minutes. Remove breads and place on a wired rack to cool.

FEAST Final Meal_74

Friends of FEAST: The Pepper Pot

Posted on June 27, 2014

FEAST PepperPot Cafe_21

In the run up to the release of our 5th issue of FEAST: A Dinner Journal, our 3rd print edition, we are taking a look  at some of the Irish food champions who have filled the pages of our previous issues.

The Pepper Pot was opened on 4 June 2010 by Marian Kilcoyne and Dervla James. It was the long-held dream of both to have their own place luckily they had plenty of experience to back up their dreams from Dervla’s degree in Baking and Pastry Arts to Marian’s Ballymaloe Certificate. The two became fast friends while working together and many nights were spent over pints planning and dreaming about their cafe.

FEAST PepperPot Cafe_25

They shared the same ethos and philosophies about good food, well made with real care and quality ingredients. But dreams have no currency at the bank and things were tight to start with so they foraged for second-hand ovens and upcycled old kitchen equipment, family and friends helped out for the princely reward of pear and bacon sandwiches. They opened their doors on a shoe string in what was once the home of the wealthy third Viscount Powerscourt and one of the grandest entertainers of the late eighteenth century.

FEAST PepperPot Cafe_5

 In keeping with the history of the building they named their cafe after The Pepper Pot tower in the grounds of The Powerscourt’s country estate in Enniskerry. Everything in the cafe is made and baked daily on the premises, with locally sourced ingredients. They work hard to source from small, artisan Irish producers where possible and the proof is in their puddings, and cakes and jams and savouries.

FEAST PepperPot Cafe_1

The cafe is very much a reflection of their lives and philosophies which made their bread a natural choice for our FEAST. Recipe coming soon.

The Pepper Pot.


FEAST PepperPot Cafe_15