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In the run up to the release of our 3rd issue of FEAST: A Dinner Journal, and our very first print edition on December 14th, we are taking a look back at some of the Irish food champions who have filled the pages of our previous issues.

Aisling Kennedy has been making honey since 2011 though her love of bees and their terroir goes back much further. She grew up beside Lambe’s Orchard in Donabate and watched the changing seasons amongst the fruit trees and blackberry bushes. She saw her first beehive there and marvelled at the location where the bees could feed on the richly diverse blossoms.

FEAST Apitherapy Honey

Aisling is a member of the Federation of Irish Beekeepers and also has a bit of a royal past, in 2011 she was appointed the Irish Honey Queen by the Federation, representing the interests of the Federation across the country. She is passionate about the honey she produces extolling its many benefits, from the ancient sweetness to the many healing and therapeutic qualities connected to the golden liquid.

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The bees at Apitherapy Pure Irish Honey collect nectar from a variety of blossoms and the honey is then extracted from the hive and filtered. The process is a gentler one than mainstream honey production as it’s not pasteurized and the lower heating helps retain the minerals and vitamins.

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The process also ensures a more complex floral flavour which lasts and lasts on the palate. We loved it so much we used it in our cocktail as well as our stone fruit cake from our Summer/Autumn 2013 issue.

Apitherapy, Woodstock, Malheney, Skerries, Co. Dublin , + 353 (0)87 221 9562.


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