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In the run up to the release of the Winter issue of FEAST: A Dinner Journal on December 14th, we are taking a look back at some of the Irish food champions we’ve met in our previous issues…

In our Spring 2013 issue of FEAST, we visited the Brown Hound Bakery in Drogheda Co. Louth: The cakes and pies in the Brown Hound Bakery initially look familiar. Then a closer inspection of the exquisitely hand-written labels reveal clever twists which cast the sort of spell that makes you want to buy double. Richly veneered wooden cabinets act as counter tops and display areas for mountains of chocolate cakes, torched meringue, American style parmesan-chive scones, apple monkeybread, pumpkin spiced doughnuts and chocolate banana bread.

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Precious take-away treats are carefully wrapped and tied with dainty string, more of Jeni Glasgow’s just-so stylish take on life. They shared their lemon temples recipe with us for our feast and we’ve been worshipping these tangy treats ever since. Brown Hound Bakery, Drogheda, Co. Louth. Tel: + 353 (0) 41 983 3792

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